2 pairs of ballet shoes

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2 pairs of ballet shoes

The president’s decision to shrink Bears Ears National Monument rips Native American culture out of our history books. It also exposes tens of thousands of Native American cultural and archaeological sites to looting and grave robbing. According to The Washington Post, at least two dozen looting incidents have taken place in the Bears Ears region over the past five years, with half a dozen in the past six months alone. Bears Ears National Monument is a homeland to many tribes, including the Hopi, Navajo, Ute Mountain Ute, Ute Tribe and Zuni. These tribal nations lived, hunted and prayed there. Their ancestors are buried there. And to this day, family gatherings, dances and ceremonies are held within the national monument.

Tea for Two: An exhibit showcasing items that the women of the 20th century would use for tea, Through Nov, 9, Lace Museum, 552 S, Murphy Ave., Sunnyvale, Free, 408-730-4695, thelacemuseum.org, Sing with Mission Valley Chorus: Are you a woman who loves to sing? The Mission Valley Chorus invites you sing with the group any Tuesday, 7:15-10 p.m., at Nordahl Hall, 580 2 pairs of ballet shoes W, Parr Ave., Los Gatos, missionvalley.org, Military Officers Association of America: The Silicon Valley chapter holds a luncheon meeting on the third Thursday of the month, For more information, visit siliconvalleymoaa.org or call 408-245-2217..

Monica’s father, Kenny Still Smoking, recalls that a medicine man told him his daughter’s abductor was a man who favored Western-style clothes and lived in a red house in a nearby town, but there was no practical way to pursue that suggestion. He recently visited Monica’s grave, kneeling next to a white cross peeking out from tall grass, studying his daughter’s smiling photo, cracked with age. He gently placed his palm on her name etched into a headstone. “I let her know that I’m still kicking,” he says.

The power of the immersive setting is immediately apparent when one enters the space at Oakland’s Classic Cars West, In a dynamic staging codirected by Ubuntu co-artistic director Michael Socrates Moran and company member Emilie Whelan (both of whom perform in the play), the cast is spread all around the room, silent and still, with their 2 pairs of ballet shoes heads down as if in mourning, The audience is seated in the round, with the large cast of 19 among and behind them on all sides, The show begins with a haunting a cappella rendition of Lead Belly’s “Bourgeois Blues,” one soulful voice being gradually joined by others and thunderous stomps and claps until it’s almost overwhelming, Then the meeting begins in earnest..

Soroptimist member Judy Lewis welcomed 42 guests to the inspiring occasion, and Cheryl Grantano Rich, incoming treasurer, made the presentations to the following women. * Corinne Kathryn Stricker, who has worked several jobs to support herself and her 14-year-old sister, has an associate degree in child development, now attends San Francisco State University to earn a Bachelor of Science in family consumer sciences with an emphasis in children and families. After completing her degree in December 2015, Striker’s goal is to obtain a master’s degree in social welfare at the University of California Berkeley “in order to become a crisis counselor and establish my own practice so I can help parents and children from diverse backgrounds deal with and overcome traumatic events.”.

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