abstract indigo mountains iphone case

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abstract indigo mountains iphone case

abstract indigo mountains iphone case

7:19 a.m. PT: Seth Rosenblatt: I have a hard time understanding the point of W8 on ARM. Isn't W8's best feature that it's NOT stripped down? Aren't the ARM processors the dreaded "C" word? (Compromise). 7:23 to 7:24 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: Windows 8 uses less CPU, less power, fewer threads, processing, he says. Background tasks are resource managed so they don't block the user experience. Says partners will get testing devices for apps and hardware testing. A shout out to AT&T for its LTE network, which will help with the development process. Now on to ultrabooks.

7:25 to 7:25 a.m, PT: Roger Cheng: Angiulo starts with an Acer and shuts it down for a cold start, Claims the boot will take only 8 seconds, Fast boots will be the normal for ultrabooks..although that's supposed to happen on Windows 7 too, 7:26 a.m, PT: Roger Cheng: Shows off an Acer laptop with a motorized door that slides out and exposes ports, Not sure how practical that is, 7:26 a.m, PT: Scott Stein: Yowza, 8 seconds is..killer on a laptop, 7:28 a.m, PT: Roger Cheng: Talking about the Samsung Series 9, another thin laptop, Looks at the task manager, which shows how the software parks an app that isn't being used, which enhances battery life, You don't have to abstract indigo mountains iphone case close apps because they are put in a state of sleep, and resume quickly when you go to it..

7:28 a.m. PT: Scott Stein: That's the Acer Aspire S5. Saw it at CES. That motorized door is Trouble. 7:29 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: Yeah, I can see that breaking quickly. 7:30 to 7:31 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: Says they've done work to make networking easier on these devices. You can manage your various radios, whether it's Wi-Fi, or even cellular. There's an airplane mode too. 7:32 to 7:33 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, another next-gen ultrabook with a touch screen. It can fold itself back around to be used like a tablet. We're in a world where tablets are about touch, and PCs are about keyboard. We're changing those assumptions, Sinofsky says.

7:33 a.m, PT: Scott Stein: The Yoga's sleekly designed, and could be the best current example of that tablet/laptop design working w/ Windows 8, 7:33 to 7:34 a.m, PT: Roger abstract indigo mountains iphone case Cheng: Says form factors will start adapting to increased use of touch controls, Demonstrates a monitor/desktop that flips down and goes flat, to be used as a gaming station or drafting board, That is really cool, 7:33 a.m, PT: Seth Rosenblatt: I'm wondering if a IdeaPad Yoga flip-hinge is going to be the new thin, 7:34 a.m, PT: Scott Stein: We've seen these tablet/laptops before, but Win 8 and capacitive touch displays could re-invent the concept..

7:35 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: Sinofsky says the mouse is 30 years old, and notes that when they were introduced, they were controversial. Sinofsky says to keep an open mind and not be locked into the old way of interacting with a computer. Bring the PC to you, he says. Says the combination of touch and mouse/keyboard will become natural after use. 7:36 to 7:38 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: They go to the big HD screen, which is an active touch-screen device! I'd want one in my apartment, please. Says it can support 100 fingers, so 10 people can use it at the same time. It's an 82-inch display. That's crazy big!! Says it feels natural because it sticks to your finger. Demonstrates a dual-core AMD system in a little box, which can be mounted to a display. Says the AMD box was held up at customs because they couldn't believe it was a computer.

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