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ballet shoes movie amazon

Superintendent Randy Booker discussed the facilities master plan in progress that will take a broad look at facilities needs, from changing classroom configurations, to Piedmont High School’s Alan Harvey Theater, desks and instructional tools. “We need to know what is needed and what is missing, what we can afford,” Booker said. Once more information is gathered from the consultant, meetings will be held sometime this fall at each school site to gather community feedback. If it is determined a bond is necessary to fund improvements, it could be presented to voters in November 2016.

Gallery Saratoga: Works by local artists, The gallery is open 11 a.m.-5 p.m, Tuesday through Sunday, Gallery Saratoga, 14435A Big Basin Way, Saratoga, 408.867.0458, or, Montalvo Arts Center: “Soil to Site,” an exhibition featuring works by Mari Andrews, Sean McFarland and Richard T, Walker is on view in Montalvo Arts Center’s Project Space Gallery, The show explores the relationship between culture and nature, Through Jan, 12, Jazz saxophonist Maceo Parker performs, Jan, 11, 7:30 p.m, $44-$49, Classical pianist ballet shoes movie amazon Simone Dinnerstein performs, Jan, 14, 8 p.m, $44-$49, Eddie Palmieri and the Brian Lynch Jazz Quartet, Feb, 12, 7:30 p.m, Call for tickets, Gold medal winner of the piano Tchaikovsky Competition, Feb, 18, 8 p.m, Call for tickets, Philip Glass, April 7, 8 p.m, 15400 Montalvo Road, Saratoga, 408.961.5858 or

“I made a lot of performances in Israel, but didn’t feel huge interest from audiences,” says Tsimbrovsky, born in the Soviet state of Kazakhstan and educated in Belarus, Moscow and Amsterdam. “I found my home here, a precious community interested in multimedia performance.”. In Israel, Tsimbrovsky and Kazakhstan-born Puyandaev founded the acclaimed experimental performance group EVM Laboratories. They’ve continued to hone and expand what they call an “audio-visual-kinetic” approach with Avy K Productions in San Francisco, interweaving “contemporary dance, live painting, evolving material installation, video projection and live music.” Avy K’s growing stature reached critical mass in 2009, when Theater Artaud presented “Nocturnal Butterflies,” an erotically charged multimedia dance performance inspired by Vaslav Nijinsky’s diary, writings that documented the dance legend’s struggle with schizophrenia. Tsimbrovsky and Puyandaev’s latest work, “The Book,” builds on that piece while looking to contemporary Bay Area artists to provide the content.

What was unusual about the scene is that Thomson is 79 and all of her classmates are over 60, They are members of a unique weekly class for seniors in a sport more commonly known for gravity-defying jumps than helping people with arthritis, Invented in the 1980s in France, parkour is a sport usually favored by extremely nimble people ballet shoes movie amazon who move freely through any terrain using their own strength and flexibility, often using urban environments such as benches, buildings and walls as a type of obstacle course, It’s also known as free running..

Leading the standing ovation were Board Chairman Bob Reay, Ruth Rogers, former ambassador to Japan James and Bonny Armacost, and Heather and Buzzy Spain from Google. Event chairmen Chip Huggins (CEO of Caminar) and Steve Wey (president of NAMI) welcomed 175 guests to the March 31 reception and chat with philanthropist Buffett and author Michael Zitz at the San Mateo County History Museum in Redwood City. For 42 years, Caminar has provided community-based support services for adults and older adults with mental health, physical and developmental disabilities. Caminar’s services enable their clients to return to the community with support and independence.

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