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ballet shoes sf

Wearing slick, matching dark suits, minus ties, the Backstreet Boys entered the multilevel, multicolored stage and opened the show with an anthemic version of “The Call,” from 2000’s “Black and Blue.” Then they cranked it up a notch for “Don’t Want You Back,” from “Millennium,” the top-selling album of 1999. The group also did a super job on the tunes from its latest album, last year’s “In a World Like This.”. Clearly, this group isn’t just getting older — it’s also getting better, which is a very rare occurrence in the boy band world. Of course, this is hardly a band of “boys” anymore. The players now range in age from 34 (Carter) to 42 (Richardson).

Phish — a band that has always reacted to its setting and situation arguably better than any other act in rock ‘n’ roll history — immediately ballet shoes sf jammed straight from “The Moma Dance” into an instrumental version of Queen’s “We Are the Champions.”, It’s safe to say that was the jam this crowd was most dearly hoping to hear, It made for a memorable evening, basically securing that this three-night Phish stand — which ran Monday-Wednesday — will be forever associated with the Giants’ World Series run by orange-and-black-clad “phans.”..

After 40 years of faithful service to thousands of acting, music, dance and a cappella classes, hundreds of performances and countless community events, the Alan Harvey Theater is beyond aging gracefully — it’s downright miserable and unsafe on its own two feet. In the 16 years I have been attending performances at AHT, I have watched, felt and experienced all that is amiss with this aging structure. This past year, for each of the eight performances we attended, I made multiple trips up and down the stairs to guide my parents, one at a time, clumsily to their seats, canes and walkers in tow, and hoped that neither would need a bathroom, let alone need to be evacuated in an emergency. Once there, squirming uncomfortably to avoid protruding seat springs, they struggled to hear the players and see everything clearly on stage. All they wanted to do was watch their granddaughter and her fellow actors and singers.

Dave Koz Christmas: Smooth jazz saxophonist’s annual holiday show also features David Benoit, Peter White and Rick Braun; 8 p.m, Dec, 21; City National Civic, San Jose; $55-$95;, Kung Pao Kosher Comedy: Annual ballet shoes sf comedy show performed in a Chinese restaurant features Cathy Ladman, Wendy Liebman, Gary Gulman and founder/organizer Lisa Geduldig; 5 and 8:30 p.m, Dec, 23-25; New Asia Restaurant, San Francisco; early show includes dinner, late show includes cocktails and dim sum; $72 early show, $52 late show;

DEAR ANONYMOUS: This brings up something else, too. Improving the way we think isn’t just about changing what we see; movement itself can pry loose some emotional insights that sitting still never could. Hikes (or walks, dance lessons, etc.) together could help Running Away and her spouse, for example, understand each other better. Thank you for weighing in. This was adapted from a recent online discussion. Email Carolyn at, follow her on Facebook at or chat with her online at noon Eastern time each Friday at

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