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ballet slippers necklace

One of the real highlights of this show is Jeff Swan’s lighting, which must change on a dime from full stage to spotlight to soft color and more. It did all that. So, there you have it: An evening of some hits, some misses and some unevenness. As an opportunity to hear one of Sondheim’s most accessible scores (and intelligent, witty writing), “Company” may be a tad slow-paced, but it can still be good company for an evening of theater. After all, it was nominated for a record-breaking 14 Tonys in 1971 (and it won six). That’s a pretty impressive pedigree.

650 roofs repaired, 4,180 smoke detectors replaced, 2,207 grab bars installed, 8,073 sheets of plywood hung, 10,032 ladders climbed, 62,920 gallons of paint spread, 1,333,500 nails pounded, To learn more, go to or call 650-366-6597, Founded in 1964 at its present location at 1600 Santa Lucia Ave, — adjacent to ballet slippers necklace San Bruno City Park — St, Andrews Preschool has been a leader in childcare and child rearing, with a Christian foundation, in San Bruno, The preschool is open to children of all religious beliefs and ethnic heritage..

Los Altos Stage Company. “Company.” Through June 28. By Stephen Sondheim. Directed by Carol Fischer. Featuring Adam Cotugno as Robert, Melissa Reinertson as Sarah, Michael Rhone as Harry, Skye Wilson as Jenny, Andy Rotchadl as David, Kristin Walter as Amy, Aaron Vanderbeek as Paul, Mary Gibboney as Joanne, Scott Stanley as Larry, Kate Leyva as Susan, Vanessa Alvarez as Petey, Maureen O’Neil as April, Alexis Rogers as Marta, Jennifer Mitchell as Kathy, and Clara Walker as Kathy swing/understudy. 8 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays and 3 p.m. Sundays. Bus Barn Theatre, 97 Hillview Ave., Los Altos. $18-$36., 650-941-0551 or email

Details: Through Oct, 8; Bruns Amphitheatre, Orinda; $20-$90;, 2 “Hand to God”: All hail Tyrone, the possessed hand puppet who takes hold of a youth ministry group in this hilarious show set in rural, conservative Texas, His rants are head-spinningly foul and incendiary, and as for his foray into puppet sex — a vastly underappreciated facet of American theater — he holds his own with anything “Avenue Q” delivered, But this is not a show that exists on gratuitous sex and evil outbursts alone; its exploration of the crippling divide between how we are expected to act and how we really feel is illuminating, San Jose Stage opens its season with the ballet slippers necklace R-rated dark comedy..

“Performing in front of kids with Play Date — that’s helped me become a bit more free, too. At first, I was a little self-conscious in front of them. Being in a punk band for so long, I was a little worried I was going to do something inappropriate, like saying a curse,” Attonito says, laughing. “Getting past that, getting all these very warm reactions, has really helped me grow with confidence as a performer and as a writer, too. And reactions from kids are heartfelt. You know it’s completely real. And that’s very satisfying.”.

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