butts butts butts iphone case

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butts butts butts iphone case

butts butts butts iphone case

And that's especially true because the feature is designed to learn from users' behavior and to give them ever more relevant articles, the more they come back. When Cover Stories was first introduced on the iPhone, CNET's Rafe Needleman said the feed "did a good job of finding articles I didn't know about and that I would be interested in reading." Now, Flipboard is hoping it can bring that utility to the millions of people who use its app solely on the iPad, or who depend on it on the iPhone and miss it when they turn to Apple's famous tablet.

The new version of Flipboard for iPad comes with a few other new features, as well, Among them are a third page in the table of contents that offers readers a total of 32 tiles, and the ability to make tiles from specific Google Reader folders, Flipboard also said it is bringing its app to French users for the first time, on both iPad and iPhone, First introduced on Flipboard for iPhone, the feature gives you the articles that are considered most relevant based on users' social connections butts butts butts iphone case and what they've already read..

Flipboard tonight unveiled a new version of its popular iPad app, an update led by the inclusion of Cover Stories, a feature that gives users a one-stop feed for the articles the service considers most relevant based on their social connections and what they've already read. The new feature was introduced originally with Flipboard's iPhone app, and until now it hasn't been available for the iPad. But this new release makes Cover Stories a key component of the company's plan to make its app the best place for users to go to catch up on the news that's most important to them.

Nokia 808 PureViewNokia teased us with an enigmatic trailer that made us expect that a David Attenborough voice-over would come at any moment, But when it was revealed at the company's press conference that it was releasing a phone with a 41-megapixel camera called the 808 PureView, many questions still lingered, Was this overkill or brilliant? Did people have a right to scoff or do they just don't "get it"? Whatever side you were on, all that buzz from Barcelona made its way here, Samsung Galaxy BeamAlthough it's too early to butts butts butts iphone case tell how well the Galaxy Beam will do, both in terms of performance and sales, we're just excited that there's a phone out there that can project images, Sure, there's the whole "great for business meetings and professionals" angle, but mostly we just want to play Bejeweled Blitz on our bedroom walls..

LG Optimus 3D MaxYes, we're all a little sick of 3D things. Especially when that Justin Bieber movie from last year came out in 3D. But give us a phone that can record video and display apps like Google Earth in 3D and our ears will definitely perk up. The LG Optimus 3D Max isn't the first phone to feature this of course, but with a side order of a 4.3-inch WVGA display, an NFC chip sprinkled on top, and hold the goofy 3D glasses--you've got our attention. Huawei Ascend D QuadWith the highly anticipated quad-core CPU inside, the Ascend D Quad is being touted as the world's fastest smartphone. Although we can't prove that at this moment (that's why we're taking the superlative title with a little grain of salt), we're glad to see that Huawei audaciously stepped out onto MWC with its guns, as well as its phones, a-blazing.

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