buy iphone 6s plus cases online - clear case

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buy iphone 6s plus cases online - clear case

Inside is a 1GHz dual-core processor, 8GB of memory, and a 5-megapixel camera that also shoots 720p high-definition video. Taking a leaf out of Apple's book, Sony isn't making a noise about the screen resolution when you can just give it a fancy name instead -- so the Sola sports a Reality Display with Mobile Bravia engine. The actual resolution is 480x854 pixels, which gives a pretty good pixel density of 265ppi (the Galaxy Nexus, to compare, has over 300). One thing that's missing is Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android. The Sola arrives with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, upgradeable to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich at a later date.

The Sola flares in black, white and red, It rises some time in spring -- keep it buy iphone 6s plus cases online - clear case CNET for UK release dates and a full review nearer the time, Does the sun shine out of the Sola, or is it eclipsed by the competition? Bring me sunshine in your comment or on our Facebook page, The Sony Xperia Sola is a new Android smart phone with clever NFC tags -- and you don't even need to touch it, Time for a ray of sunshine from Sony, The Sony Xperia Sola is a new Android smart phone with clever NFC tags -- and you don't even need to touch it..

The camera on the iPhone 4S impressed us when we reviewed the device last year, but how does Sony's newest smart phone snapper fare against it? I rolled up my sleeves and got shooting. iPhone 4S test shots are on the left, Xperia S on the right (click photos to enlarge). The sizes of the shots are down to the different aspect ratios of the two cameras. Both cameras handle bright sunlight pretty well but the iPhone 4S edges ahead, producing a better overall picture of the building, with good colour from the foreground right through to the blue sky in the background. The Xperia hasn't managed to capture any of the sky's colour.

Both cameras handle the shot of the bookcase, lit by natural light, pretty well -- but the iPhone's photo is slightly crisper and has a higher buy iphone 6s plus cases online - clear case level of detail than the Xperia's, This still life of coloured objects lit by artificial light once again shows up the Xperia's tendency to produce grainy images when conditions are slightly dingy, Colours on the iPhone's shot are more accurate, The Xperia has a tendency to over-saturate colours, Indoor round: iPhone 4S, In dingy conditions, the level of detail in the shots drops off significantly, as you'd expect, But the iPhone captures an impressive close-up of this two pence coin, compared to the blurry efforts of the Xperia, The Xperia also had more trouble locking on to the coins in this darkened environment, Its response to low light seems to be to bump up the ISO -- resulting in significant loss of detail and a much grainier image..

In very dingy conditions both phones produce grainy images with low levels of detail, although once again, the iPhone's shot is slightly more crisp than the Xperia's. However, the iPhone does tend to over-redden flesh tones, whereas the Xperia manages to produce a more life-like tone. Here, I'm testing the flash in a dingy area. The Xperia S wins out with its more moderated beams, which capture strong colour and detail on both the Droidy and Lego Man Torch, without washing them out. The iPhone's effort is much less crisp -- although the colour of the Droid in the iPhone's shot is more realistic.

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