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case 4 u iphone 6

So, what does the future hold for Loopt? Speaking to The Wall Street Journal in an interview published today, Altman said the Loopt app will eventually be discontinued, but "many" of the app's features will be preserved in new products for Green Dot. Green Dot hopes to close its Loopt acquisition by the end of this month. It has taken an additional $14 million in operating expenses to account for the deal. Green Dot says it will pay a total of $43.4 million for Loopt, including $9.8 million, which will be set aside "as a retention pool" for key Loopt workers.

Well, this is an odd one, Green Dot, a company that provides prepaid debit cards to consumers, has acquired mobile location-based application developer Loopt for $43.4 million, the companies announced today, The deal is an all-cash transaction, and will case 4 u iphone 6 include Green Dot setting aside $9.8 million as a "retention pool" to ensure key Loopt employees stay put, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

After the new iPad was launched on Wednesday with a slightly muted level of ballyhoo, Samsung sent an e-mail to the media to pooh-pooh Apple's latest tablet iteration. You might imagine that this e-mail declared that Samsung had its own existing fine tablets, like the Galaxy Pad--sorry, Tab. But, no. It was the new Galaxy Note 10.1 that Samsung believes offers a better comparison. Some might think this a strange choice. Samsung, though, believes that the Galaxy Note 10.1 fulfills far more of your creative needs.

For example, it allows you to view two apps at the same time--and work with two apps at the same time, Yes, you have to optimize those apps--which, to a real person always sounds a reason to call one's hairy, odorous teenage neighbor for help--but, still, Then, of course, Samsung's e-mail waxes beyond case 4 u iphone 6 lyricism about the Galaxy Note's pen, It has 255 levels of pressure, Yes, your finger might have more than 255 levels of pressure, but Samsung declares that the iPad's screen only recognizes one, Just as with the Galaxy Note phone with the 5.3-inch screen that I played with at CES, I can imagine liking this machine, Yet somehow, the presence of a pen makes it hard to imagine it could compete sturdily with the iPad..

With the phone, the machine fit perfectly into my large, double-jointed hands, but the pen felt a little cheap. Though the 10.1's pen will surely feel more substantial, I still wonder about, well holding onto it. The point of gadgets is that they shouldn't infuriate. Yet losing this pen would surely drive people utterly potty. And if you tell me I need a separate case for it, then that would drive me utterly potty too. Moreover, when Samsung's e-mail offered that the Galaxy Note 10.1 is lighter and thinner than the iPad, a strange, soft murmuring plagued on my lips. For the difference is 0.15 pounds.

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