faith cross iphone case

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faith cross iphone case

faith cross iphone case

The S3 is so close we can almost taste it. Leaked reports already reveal speed benchmark tests performed on the phone, suggesting it won't have a 1080p high-definition screen, but will still be a pretty impressive piece of kit. Samsung deliberately held back the S3 from Mobile World Congress, the recent phone conference where the world's handset makers gather to show off their wares for the coming year. You can see videos and previews of all the new phones for 2012 at, or check out our heated argument over which was the best new phone to be unveiled.

The likes of the HTC One X and HTC One S, the Sony Xperia S or newer players like the Panasonic Eluga Power and Nokia Lumia 900 could challenge the S2's position as closest rival to the iPhone, The S2 has sold 20 million faith cross iphone case phones, but it's still a long way behind the iPhone in terms of sales, even if many argue it's a better phone, Are you excited about the S3? Or are other new phones set to give it stiff competition? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page, The Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date will be revealed on Twitter..

NokiaYes, you would read that correctly. Fresh on the heels of its strong showing at CES with the award-winning Lumia 900, Nokia doubled down on its rediscovered energy with a successful Mobile World Congress. Its booth was massive and crowded at all times, and it introduced an interesting, if somewhat disparate, group of handsets. That's not to say that all of its new smartphones are guaranteed of success, but each device brought something unique to the smartphone table. When talking about Nokia's Spanish expedition, you have to start with its new 808 PureView. Sure, it's a bit of a Frankenphone and the Symbian OS caught some people off guard (and may have angered others), but never before have we seen a 41-megapixel mobile. So not only did Nokia shove aside the 8-megapixel shooters that have long defined the upper end of the camera phone technology, but also it took that limit and pushed it into the stratosphere. As CNET's Josh Goldman explains, the 808's PureView's resolution wasn't a random call, but rather an attempt to develop a lossless digital zoom. That's an impressive feat for a device that's built primarily to make calls (or these days, send a text), but that's what Nokia did. We'll have to wait until we get a review unit to see if the 808 PureView is worth the hype, but there's no denying that Nokia pulled a new trick out of its hat.

Our Finnish friends also delivered the Lumia 610, Though not unique in features or design, I appreciate the effort to broaden the appeal of Windows Phone 7 with an entry-level device, I also liked two of the handsets in the company's new Asha series, The Asha 202, for example, awesomely accommodates two SIM cards, whereas the Asha 302 takes a comfortable keyboard and Microsoft Exchange support and packs them in an uncomplicated package, AsusAnother device that dares to be explained, faith cross iphone case the Asus Padfone morphs from a smartphone into a tablet into a notebook, Totally original and completely absorbing, the Padfone is one of those devices you have to see to believe, Again, it's not about what the phone can do, but about what you can do with it, Indeed, Asus deserves credit for taking its already excellent Transformer Prime and running with it, And I don't mean a race, but more of a marathon..

Quad-core chips, Ice Cream Sandwich, and NFCAs I said in my Mobile World Congress preview, the show promised an Ice Cream Sandwich with quad-core chips. Though not every new device came through on that prediction, there were enough to make both features a solid trend. Most of the handset manufacturers introduced such a phone with Sony being the obvious and disappointing exception. Support for NFC was popular, as well, with a decent selection of new devices supporting mobile payments technology. MicrosoftSomewhere along the line, Microsoft decided that Mobile World Congress was the show to make splash. Two years ago it debuted Windows Phone 7, last year it highlighted its Nokia partnership, and this year it offered the beta of Windows 8 (see Seth Rosenblatt's hands-on for a close analysis). That gave us a lot to ponder outside the world of smartphones that normally dominate the Barcelona proceedings.

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