g case iphone x

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g case iphone x

If you build a stylish fashion phone to competitively high specifications, however, as long as you don't whack a ridiculous price tag on it, it's still possible to create a product that's both credible and desirable. The Prada Phone compromises on neither style nor substance, but its branding does come at a cost. Specs are similar to last year's top Android phones, but at £430 -- around the same price as the iPhone 4S -- it's a good £100 more than the similarly specced HTC Sensation. It's likely though that if you're used to shelling out extra for a designer label, this will be neither a surprise nor a problem.

Ultimately, if fashion is your passion and you're keen to stand out from the samey-samey Apple crowd, you can't go wrong with the Prada Phone, If labels are not your first love, you'll be better off investing in the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S2, Rectangular, black and minimalist, the Prada Phone runs the risk of looking just like every other phone out there, but a few clever touches of Italian glamour help it to stay just ahead g case iphone x of the pack, With no awkward lumps or bumps, the phone is impeccably svelte at a skinny 8.5mm, A smoke and mirrors effect that LG calls Floating Mass Technology also airbrushes the phone into appearing even thinner than it really is, I dearly look forward to the day that LG starts making phones that actually can float, but until then, I shall have to decipher the exact meaning of the mysterious floating mass jargon myself..

I must add that when taking long and very important phone calls, the textured back started to feel a little scratchy against my palms. I'm aware that style and comfort are not traditionally amicable bedfellows in the fashion world, but something more luxurious and with a higher thread-count wouldn't have gone amiss here, particularly given the price of the handset. Overall, the phone feels solid, although the front is significantly stronger than the back. Press on the plastic shell and you'll experience some gentle flex and quiet creaking, making it painfully apparent how thin the backplate really is.

Inside the chassis is a SIM slot, Mercifully, given the paltry 8GB internal storage, there's a microSD card slot, meaning you can boost the Prada Phone's memory by 32GB, Both can be accessed without having to remove the battery, which while not hugely important, is a g case iphone x considerate design touch, To enhance the minimalist appearance of the phone, physical buttons and ports have been kept to a minimum, Four standard Android touch buttons are arranged at the bottom of the screen, but they niftily fade away whenever they're not in use, With the exception of two discreet volume buttons on the side, all are arranged in a neat row across the top..

From left to right, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, a shortcut key, a micro USB port with a nifty sliding cover and a lock/unlock switch. The buttons and slider are all identical chrome studs, which is a classy touch, although the unlock key was on the diddy side and required too much fumbling and fiddling for my liking. The earphones that are bundled with the Prada Phone are significantly more stylish than the plastic tat we're used to. They also have the Prada logo etched into the sides. Unsurprisingly, the sound quality isn't up to much, but team them with some Prada sunnies while lounging by the pool at your Lake Como estate, and your look will be complete.

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