griffin survivor extreme iphone x tough case - black / clear

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griffin survivor extreme iphone x tough case - black / clear

griffin survivor extreme iphone x tough case - black / clear griffin survivor extreme iphone x tough case - black / clear

griffin survivor extreme iphone x tough case - black / clear

2. Buy a case. A scratch here and a scuff there won't diminish your iPad's capabilities, but it will lower its resale value. Think about it: wouldn't you pay more for a used one that's "like new, not a mark on it," than one that "has a few scratches and dings"? Apple's Smart Cover may be cool, but it's not a case. Spring for something that'll protect your iPad on all sides. Added bonus: it'll protect your iPad on all sides. 3. Protect the screen. The iPad's glass screen may be scratch-resistant, but it's not scratch-proof. And, let's face it, the screen is everything, so it makes sense to keep yours as pristine as possible. A good screen protector may run you $20-30 (though you can find dirt-cheap ones on eBay), but it has the added benefit of reducing glare, eliminating fingerprints, and possibly even keeping the screen from shattering if you drop it. Some protectors also promise to ward off germs, like the Fuse Antibacterial Screen Guard.

4, Keep everything, The more original items you can bundle with your iPad, the more attractive it'll be to buyers, That means keeping the box, the inserts, the user guide (slight as it might be), and even the little plastic wrappers for the earbuds and sync cable, In fact, if you already have earbuds and a cable, you might as well leave the new ones in the box, That's a selling point you can leverage later on, 5, Don't unbox it, Just kidding, What are your third-gen iPad purchase plans? Do they include selling your iPad 1 griffin survivor extreme iphone x tough case - black / clear or 2? If you've already unloaded yours, what resale tips would you share with your fellow upgraders?..

Wait, what? It's not even shipping yet! Even so, consider planning ahead for a year from now, when you'll probably be looking to unload it in favor of an iPad 4. Getting ready to order an iPad 3? (Sorry, a "new iPad"?) For some, the answer is a resounding, "Hell, yes!" I'm fairly tempted myself, what with that lovely Retina display, blazing A5X processor, and sweet, sweet 4G LTE. Of course, if history repeats itself, a year from now we'll all be getting ready to order an iPad 4 (or "Newer iPad," if Apple's nomenclature department is feeling lazy once again). And that means we'll be looking to unload our new--er, old--wait, huh?--iPads.

The 20 MB limit was a potential pitfall griffin survivor extreme iphone x tough case - black / clear for app developers who worried that apps created for the new iPad's Retina Display wouldn't be accessible via 3G/4G, The new 50MB limit applies to any type of content from the App Store or iTunes, including apps, music, videos, and books, Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment, But my own testing confirmed the change, I tried downloading a 37MB app over a 3G connection and received no error message as I would have in the past, But when I attempted to grab a 100MB app, a message told me that the item was over 50MB, requiring me to use a Wi-Fi network or iTunes on my PC to download it..

By upping the limit, Apple will make it easier for both developers and 3G/4G users eager to try out new apps designed for the iPad's new 2,048-by-1,536-pixel display. With the launch of the Retina Display iPad, Apple increased the maximum size of content that can be downloaded over a cell connection. iOS users who need to download a beefy app over 3G or 4G now have a better shot. Apple yesterday bumped up the download limit for content over a cell connection to a healthy 50 megabytes. Previously, iOS users were restricted to downloading items no larger than 20MB unless they did so over Wi-Fi.

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