i'm an engineer funny quote iphone case

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i'm an engineer funny quote iphone case

i'm an engineer funny quote iphone case

Google won't comment on its specific plans, but Google Fiber project leader Kevin Lo said in 2011, "This is a business for us. We expect to make money. We don't expect to lose money .. This thing has to make economic sense, and it does."Building and operating Net infrastructure also could give Google a bit of moral high ground, or at least bargaining power, in its struggle to keep telecommunications companies from trying to get Google, with data-intensive services such as YouTube, to shoulder some network infrastructure costs. With Google Fiber, the company becomes a network operator, too.

Google bears the brunt of telcos' criticism of "over-the-top" players who send data over networks and generate an outsized portion of the profits, Some of that concern was on display at Mobile World Congress, for example from Sunil Bharti Mittal, president of Indian wireless network operator Airtel, "When somebody watches YouTube on a mobile phone and ends up [with a] big bill, he curses under his breath at the telecom operators, But YouTube is consuming a massive amount of resources on our network, Somebody's i'm an engineer funny quote iphone case got to pay for that," he said, YouTube should pay operators an "interconnect charge" to fund the network improvements, he said..

Schmidt expressed sympathy for the operators' plight. "I'm very sensitive to these arguments because i think they're true," Schmidt said. "It's very difficult to be a telecom operator right now. You have a tough regulatory environment [which means] It's difficult to raise your data plan [prices]. You have to [upgrade] your equipment to 4G. You have customers who are busy using enormous amounts of the bandwidth that's so scarce for you. Governments, in addition to regulating you to death, charge huge fees for new spectrum" for wireless services.

"We at Google are critically dependent on this infra building out, We're trying to be respectful of the very real problem that the operators have," Schmidt said, Via FierceCable, via Kansas City i'm an engineer funny quote iphone case Star, The Net giant tries to patent a technique for using a flat, flexible housing to lower the cost of bringing a super-fast Internet to homes, Just how big will Google Fiber be?, Apparently Google has put some thought into this idea of bringing super-fast fiber-optic broadband to Kansas City, The company has applied for a patent for "general edging systems and methods," which the application bills as "a low-impact, convenient, time-efficient and cost-saving optical fiber deployment technology."Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

According to the presenter, Google Wallet may not sound like a big deal at first but "makes purchasing items a breeze," by putting multiple payment credentials such as Citi MasterCards, loyalty cards, and a Google prepaid card in one app. It remains to be seen just how keen wireless subscribers are to toss traditional plastic in favor of mobile payments. Google Wallet's recent security troubles surely don't help the technology's cause. Sprint also explained the benefits of Android Beam, a feature found in the Galaxy Nexus running Ice Cream Sandwich. The carrier demonstrates various usage scenarios of Beam, also enabled by NFC circuitry like Google Wallet, such as tapping other compatible phones to transfer information--think contacts, Web pages, and other files.

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