iphone case 8 leather

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iphone case 8 leather

It's really more about finding an ice-breaker rather than this is the person that you should marry or work with for the rest of your life. Where did the idea for Glancee come from? Vaccari: In five years in the U.S., I lived in five different cities. Every time I move to a new city, I have to build a new social circle. It's a slow process, and a lot of times, you end up talking to someone for half an hour and realize you have nothing in common or that the person isn't really interesting for you. At the same time, maybe right next to them is another person who's really relevant to you.

Also, sometimes I meet someone and only after 20 minutes of talking do we realize that we have something iphone case 8 leather really important in common, There is this way of finding hidden connections that are relevant that would be otherwise impossible or very unlikely normally, and I thought that these kind of situations are not as rare as we think they are and there must be an elegant way to reveal them that is not too invasive, You're bootstrapped? Vaccari: We are, We started playing with the idea in June 2010, Originally, we wanted to do something even more difficult: We wanted to recommend places you should go based on who's inside rather than on the food, like Yelp does, But we realized it's really difficult to understand where people are inside unless people check in, But check-ins are not as popular as we think, because only a few people actually do them a lot, So we switched to this idea and started to develop the recommendation engine and the location engine, which is the only one that does updates without running the battery on your phone, We released Glancee last June at Foo Camp, We've done some small iterations, trying to find the right balance between letting early adopters interact with each other right away but giving them the feeling that they cannot be stalked, and they still have control over their privacy..

How do you do battery optimization? Vaccari: We have two key technologies that as far as we know, no one else has. First is the recommendation engine. And the second is the location engine. It took a long time for us to develop a smart location engine. What we can do is know where we are with a very good accuracy but without draining your phone's battery. And we did it using a series of improvements, both on the algorithms, and on the way we communicate with our servers. The most interesting bit is that our updates are not constant. They depend on whether you're moving or you're sitting in the same place, and on your history. If you're always someplace from 9 to 5, then it's very likely that you're always going to be there from 9 to 5 so we don't have to ping you every two minutes to see if you're there. Also, we chose to do push notifications only when there's someone really relevant to you.

Here you are in Austin for SXSW, How do you get ready for something like that? Vaccari: We did two things, First, we had to get ready on the client side, iphone case 8 leather That's why we released 2.0 for Android and iPhone, On the back end we already had plenty scripts to simulate spikes in sign-ups, So we can scale up very quickly, And today we were featured on the Apple App Store's Social Networking section, so we already had a spike, so we can hold up, We would actually love to crash because have too many users..

There will be a heavy concentration of users here. But does it require a critical mass of users? Vaccari: That's another example of how we do things differently from Highlight, which is tailoring its strategy towards tech-savvy users in San Francisco or maybe New York, where it's really easy to walk a block and run into someone who's got something in common with you. We are trying to think more in general for people who don't have 2,000 friends on Facebook or live in very highly concentrated areas. That's why we have Radar, where you will get a notification if someone is close to you, but you will also see people that are a little farther away.

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