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iphone case girl

I'll go on a little tour of how Android falls down versus iOS below, in hopes that someone--anyone--at Google will solve the problem. I had one Googler specifically ask me for this (you know who you are), so fingers-crossed that it might make for some changes. Tablet faceoffLet me start with the joy that is doing e-mail on the iPad. The view above is what you get when holding the iPad in landscape position. On the left, my in-box. If I click on any e-mail message listed there, the message is displayed on the right in the reading pane. Nice.

Even nicer is when I go into "edit" mode in my in-box, Do that, and I can tap any message to make it display in the reading pane, As I tap additional messages, they begin to "pile up" on the preview side, as the screenshot above shows, It's an easy way to iphone case girl skim through many low-priority e-mails that you likely want to delete, When finished, push "Archive," and away they go, Now consider what I get on my Asus Transformer Prime tablet, which runs the latest Android 4 operating system, As with the iPad, I can view my in-box on the left and preview e-mails on the right, Excellent! But unlike the iPad, there's no quick preview-and-archive feature, If you've never used this, it might not seem like a big deal, But once you have, you understand what an immense time saver it can be--and likely wish Android had it, as well..

Still, I could skim down the list in my in-box and tap the checkboxes for e-mails that I want to quickly delete. But check boxes like that aren't always standard in other Android e-mail apps. Nor does it address another pet peeve, how "conversation view" is often missing. Let's get conversationalGiven that Google's Gmail service helped popularize the idea of viewing e-mail by conversation or topic, rather than simply by date received, you'd think a conversation view feature would be standard for Android phones. It's not. Consider.

On the right is my same in-box again, this time as it appeared on the Galaxy Nexus that I own, It has no conversation view, As a result, my mailing list discussion is so spread out that two in the conversation don't appear unless I scroll down, That's why I have those two arrows going down the page, The staff discussion is also iphone case girl broken up, with two messages visibile as the two arrows show while the third is off the screen, So much inconsistencyYou might be thinking that the differences are due to the fact that the Droid Bionic runs Android 2.3 while the Galaxy Nexus runs Android 4.0, That's not it, Different Android versions don't control how the Android e-mail app works, Different handset makers do..

Samsung makes the Galaxy Nexus, which lacks a conversation view. Samsung also makes the Galaxy S II Skyrocket that I own, an Android 2.3 phone that does have conversation view. Samsung also makes the Droid Charge, the Android 2.3 phone I had before I changed to the Galaxy Nexus. It has conversation view, like the Skyrocket. However, it differs in other ways. With the Droid Charge, a tick-box appears next to each e-mail message in your in-box, similar to how both Android in-boxes shown above appear. You can easily delete e-mails by ticking the boxes and pushing the delete button. With the Skyrocket, you have to do the opposite. You select the menu to reveal the delete button, then pushing that makes the tick-boxes appear. After picking what you want to trash, you then go back to the delete button and push it again. That process slows things down.

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