iphone screen protector for 6s plus

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iphone screen protector for 6s plus

The way it works is, you might sign up for a particular discount Web site or in a smartphone app. By entering your credit-card number at this CardSpring-enabled site, you could then go to the advertised store that offered the product and when it was time to purchase the item, you would swipe your card, and the discount would automatically be deducted from the price. This would allow Web site and app developers to offer coupons and loyalty discounts that are tied to the credit card rather than having users physically bring a coupon with them or present a bar code on their phone.

Anyway, we think an app that can quickly stylize your videos before you share them is a fantastic idea, While we won't yet peg Vibop as the Instagram for video, we are interested to see how users--particularly those at SXSW--feel about iphone screen protector for 6s plus it, In any case, we'll be keeping an eye out for any other standouts in this category, MaiiAfter enjoying significant growth in international markets, Maii, the popular multiplatform communications app for iPhone, has hit U.S, shores by way of Austin, Texas, Maii's biggest feature is its VoIP calling, It lets you make unlimited free voice calls to other Maii users and paid voice calls to other mobile numbers and landlines, Also, the app's developers claim that Maii offers "unparalleled social network integration, combining your Facebook friends with your phone book contacts." What we really like, though, is Maii's dead-simple registration process, All you have to do is enter your existing mobile number, and you're all set..

SonarArguably hovering just below Glancee in terms of buzz at SXSW, Sonar has revamped its people-discovery app with a new interface. Now the front page of Sonar has a People tab that lists all friends and relevant people in your vicinity. This is a welcome improvement from the previous iteration of the app, which apparently hid the people recommendations beneath the Places tab. Also, just in time for SXSW, Sonar has announced that its previously iPhone-only app has finally made its way onto Android devices--sort of. Unfortunately, Sonar for Android is in invite-only beta.

KismetAnother people-discovery app being buzzed about at SXSW is Kismet, which performs passive location sharing similar to that of a Highlight, Glancee, or Sonar, What Kismet adds, however, is the ability to actively declare your location a la Foursquare, This function can be iphone screen protector for 6s plus useful in high-traffic areas where multiple events and venues are essentially sitting on top of one another--SXSW being the perfect example, In addition, the app lets you easily create spontaneous pop-up events in order to meet with like-minded individuals in the vicinity, Kismet is available only for iPhone..

UberlifeU.K.-based startup Uberlife officially launched its iPhone app at SXSW in hopes of generating buzz for its offline hangouts functionality. Similar to Kismet, The Uberlife app lets you create and join hangouts wherever you go, and broadcast them to your networks. While the app's design and functionality do appear to be pretty solid, we'll have to wait and see if this lower-profile iPhone-only app gets lost in the South-by shuffle. Marvel ARProviding attendees a nice break from all the social discovery at this year's SXSWi, Marvel Comics unveiled its own app that could very well change the way we read comics from now on. It's called Marvel AR, and it uses the power of Aurasma, the 3D augmented reality app that made waves at this year's CES, to supplement your printed comics while you're reading. Just open it up, point your camera at a programmed image from your book, and watch as the comic comes to life. It might show Iron Man leaping off the page toward you or give you insight into what the editor or writer was thinking while making the comic. Think of it as DVD extras, but for your book. While Marvel AR may not be quite as buzz-worthy as some of our other finds from the festival, it certainly opens up a world of fascinating possibilities. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until April 2 to download it.

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