iphone screen protector that is privacy

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iphone screen protector that is privacy

My CNET Reviews colleague Kent German already wrote a post about what we me learn about the upcoming iPhone from the most recent iPad. Based on what I've seen from the new iPad, I don't expect the iPhone 5 to be a revolutionary product. Once again, I expect Apple to make some nice enhancements to the product, as it did with the iPhone 4. But I don't think the changes will be so drastic that people who buy an iPhone 4S now because they need a new phone will be kicking themselves over their purchase.

The most substantial change that Apple might make to the new iPhone from a design perspective is the screen size, Since it was introduced, Apple has maintained the 3.5-inch screen size on the iPhone, Many people say they like this screen size since it easily fits in their hands and pockets, Meanwhile, every other top-of-the-line smartphone on the market has grown to 4.3 inches and larger, Of course, I don't expect Apple to change the size of the iphone screen protector that is privacy screen just to follow the competition, But as more people use their mobile devices for watching video, playing games, and viewing other content on their devices, there seems to be a market for bigger screens, And it would make sense for Apple to increase the size of iPhone screen..

If it does this, I'd expect Apple to also increase the resolution of the screen. The Retina Display on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is already terrific, sporting 960x640 pixels. But Apple has proven with the latest iPad, that it can push the limits on screen resolution. The new iPad will have a true high-definition screen with 2,048x1,536 pixels. German said he doesn't expect Apple to go that far with the iPhone. After all the iPad is a much bigger device with a 9.7-inch screen. But if Apple increases the iPhone's screen size it will also likely boost the resolution a bit.

As far as features that can be added via software, it also seems to me that Apple is committed to keeping the iPhone 4S around for a while, The phone was eligible for the latest iOS 5.1 update released last week, which says to me that Apple wants to keep the device up to date, My guess is that when the new iPhone is released, Apple will still make many, if not iphone screen protector that is privacy all the new software features, compatible with the older iPhone 4S, So the bottom line is that unless you really want an iPhone with a larger screen, or you must have an LTE phone, you will probably be very happy with your iPhone 4S, even after Apple introduces the iPhone 5..

Believe me when I tell you that I understand your angst. I typically experience buyer's remorse for almost any big purchase I make. But the iPhone 4S is such a solid device and such an improvement over your iPhone 3GS that recently died, that I think you will be happy with your purchase no matter what Apple announces in June or September. I hope this advice was helpful. Good luck making your decision. The case for not buying a smartphone case. Dear Maggie,I just bought the Razr Maxx that features a Gorilla Glass display. Do you think I may still benefit from a screen protector? I got one with glare reduction, but I believe it takes a lot of the glory of the fantastic screen in the phone. On the other hand, my HTC Incredible did not have one and it fared pretty well (for scratches) until it fell on its face and the glass broke to pieces. Somehow I think that if the Incredible would've had a screen protector, it may have fared the fall better.

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