iphone with screen protector or not

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iphone with screen protector or not

With Highlight, location is basically the driver. You're close to each other, so they're going to let you know. For us, location is just one of the signals, together with the compatibility, number of friends in common. So you can think of our push notification more as a recommendation rather than an automated--"Oh, you're within a certain distance, so we're going to let you know." Distance again, for us, is just one signal. So an example, if you live in an area that's not that populated, and all of a sudden, someone with 10 friends in common with you flies in, you're going to get a notification.

Where is Glancee going in the future? Vaccari: Matching people to one another is always the trigger, but we realize that there is much more to it than just that, We think the idea of taking who you are online and making it so services, and shops, can take advantage of that is very important, So one thing we plan to do in the future is partner with major retail chains, Imagine Starbucks or Banana Republic or Gap, and as you walk by their stores, let's say your profile matches the target audience they want to address for a special campaign, Instead of receiving an ad or a pop-up that just says you have been selected, which is disruptive, we would like you to receive a message through Glancee, from an actual person inside the store, a message that says, "Hey, we think you would like this because of your interests, Would you like iphone with screen protector or not to know more? I can tell you about it over Glancee, or you can come inside and talk to me." All of a sudden, an ad becomes a person you are talking to..

Do you have any signed partnerships like this? Vaccari: We are in discussions with a bunch of people. We have event organizers that are interested in using Glancee. We already tried with a couple of events, like Foo Camp. And they were successful. We can do a lot by featuring stuff, or sponsors at the top of the list, allowing sponsors to really find targeted key people they want to talk to. Or by providing analytics after an event about their audience. So they can understand your crowd, when they come in, when they leave. What kind of education they have. How they connect. Are there patterns that you couldn't otherwise find?.

Why is this year when all the people discovery apps are blowing up? Vaccari: There are two good reasons, One is iphone with screen protector or not that the location technologies have become good enough and don't consume too much energy to be usable if you do it right on a 24/7 basis, and that wasn't achievable before, That's why Foursquare had to do check-ins, in my opinion, Second, social norms are changing, People are starting to become more comfortable with letting others discover a bit about themselves, putting out a bit of information about themselves..

Q&A As South by Southwest heats up, attendees have all-new ways to find new friends or potential business partners. Glancee thinks its approach will win in the end. AUSTIN, Texas--Walking around the halls at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival here this week, it seems that almost everyone is looking at their phones. But while plenty are reading the latest tweets, checking in on Foursquare, or updating their friends through GroupMe, there's a whole new category of services that has captured people's attention.

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