iphone xr mood case

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iphone xr mood case

iphone xr mood case iphone xr mood case iphone xr mood case

iphone xr mood case

The handset has a thick bezel, which makes the 3.7-inch Super AMOLED touch screen look smaller than it really is. Yet, the display has a resolution of 480x800 pixels, and I was impressed with how vibrant the images looked. Colors were crisp, graphics from games were bright (albeit a bit pixelated around the edges), and YouTube videos were smooth and vivid. The screen was also responsive. Zooming in and out of Web pages was a breeze, and I didn't experience any sluggishness while typing or editing text. When I played Fruit Ninja, my heroic sword chopping was picked up at an accurate speed.

Above the display on the left is the 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, At the very bottom lie your standard four navigation keys: menu, home, back, and search, The keys are raised a little above the glass itself, making them extra tactile, On the back top center of the device, there is a 5-megapixel camera, To the left of the lens is the LED flash, and to the right are two opening slits for the output speaker, Below those is a small lock you twist with a coin (not your fingernail) to open, This will unfasten the plastic backing and allow you to snap the cover off to access the 1,650mAh lithium ion polymer battery and 32GB iphone xr mood case microSD card..

Because the backing is made out of plastic, it's hard to believe that this phone can take a huge hit. But I suppose it's what keeps the Rugby Smart so light, and the lock makes sure the backing stays shut. Testing the device's ruggedness was particularly fun. The handset can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. I threw it in a pool that was 3 feet deep and after about 10 minutes being submerged, it turned on and functioned perfectly. It also stayed underwater for about 15 minutes in 6 feet of water, and performed normally after being brought up. I managed to drag the phone, screenside down, across the bottom of the pool with a long pool net as well, and there were no scratches on the glass. And FYI, if you know how to skip rocks, you can also skip this device. Trust me.

I also slammed the handset against the concrete, Although I'm no first-string pitcher, the impact was pretty hard--the backing of the phone managed to come off, despite the locking mechanism, The battery and everything else, iphone xr mood case however, stayed in place, The device suffered a little cosmetic damage on the left corner where it hit the ground, but after I snapped and locked the backing on, it still worked fine, FeaturesApplications that carry out basic functions and management tasks are packaged with the Samsung Rugby Smart, such as a calculator, a calendar, a clock, a memo pad, a music player, a movie player, and a voice recorder, Texting is also included, along with the Swype and Predictive Text T9 and XT9 typing features..

Because it's a Gingerbread Android device, numerous Google apps are preloaded as well, like Google Books, Gmail, Search, Maps with Navigation, Talk, YouTube, and, of course, the new Google Play store. It also has apps that are tailored to AT&T customers like Code Scanner, which allows your handset to read UPC, QR, and Data Matrix bar codes; FamilyMap, which helps you physically locate family members on your AT&T account; a map and a messaging application that's of the carrier's own brand; and myAT&T, which lets your manage your home phone and Internet accounts.

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