kajsa luxe collection iphone xr leather case - grey reviews

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kajsa luxe collection iphone xr leather case - grey reviews

kajsa luxe collection iphone xr leather case - grey reviews

It's respectably slim at a tad under 1cm, but the display on show here is more than respectable, for what's shaping up to be an entry-level Android phone. This 4-inch display crams 600x1,024 pixels, which is an impressively high resolution. I'm impressed with the clarity you get on icons and text, while photos and video will look good as well. The Santa Clara is unusual in that it's powered by an Intel Atom processor, and while it's hard to know how much grunt you'll really get without having run our benchmark tests, I'm optimistic based on my experience.

Say cheese! It's time for a closer look at the Nokia 808 PureView, kajsa luxe collection iphone xr leather case - grey reviews the phone with the frankly daft 41-megapixel camera, The Nokia 808 is a showcase for the Finnish company's new PureView camera technology, You probably don't need 41 megapixels, but it shows just how powerful the technology is, A 41-megapixel photo takes a lot of processing power to handle, but I tried it and the 808 takes these enormous snaps instantly, and is super-fast and responsive to look through photos, edit them, and zoom in on the smallest details..

The 808 has a 1/1.2-inch sensor, which is substantially larger than the average camera phone sensor. Each pixel measures 40 microns. The Carl Zeiss lens has an aperture of f2.4, and there's a 6x zoom -- although it's not an optical zoom. Although it's technically got 41 megapixels on the sensor, the 808 shoots pictures up to 38 megapixels, in 4:3. Or you can go 16:9 at 34 megapixels. The file size for these full-blown snaps is around 10MB, according to Nokia. You can also snap at a more level-headed 3, 5 or 8 megapixels.

Click through our photos above to see the Nokia 808 PureView in action, or hit play on our video below to see my first impressions of the phone, PureView has been in development for a few years, which explains why Nokia hasn't put it into a more advanced Windows Phone, Non-camera features, like the usual phone features and some more advanced apps, are powered by Nokia's much-maligned Symbian software, If the last time you saw Symbian was on on one of Nokia's woefully dated feature phones, you may kajsa luxe collection iphone xr leather case - grey reviews be pleasantly surprised: the current version of Symbian, known as Symbian Belle, is actually quite slick and easy on the eye..

It's a candy-coloured version of a smart phone, with playful rounded icons for your apps including basic stuff such as a calendar and address book, and proper apps like Shazam, YouTube and Adobe Reader. The Maps app is particularly good, including glossy and responsive 3D views, a night view that switches the map to darkness, and a terrain view. I'm certainly excited about the 808 PureView. 41 megapixels may be a headline-grabbing marketing exercise, but there's plenty of cool stuff also included here that I'd love to see in more cameras. I've even chosen the 808 as my favourite phone of MWC -- although my colleagues have their own thoughts on that subject.

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