ksix metal flex iphone xr bumper case - grey

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ksix metal flex iphone xr bumper case - grey

ksix metal flex iphone xr bumper case - grey

When you do your on-site registration (and be sure to allow a fair bit of time for that, especially if you're not doing it early in the morning or late in the day) you'll get both a big, thick conference guide, and a small pocket-size at-a-glance schedule. Those are both helpful. But if you've got a smartphone--and would you really be coming to SXSW if you don't?--I highly recommend you download the official SXSW app. Though it's not all that well designed, and kind of confusing to use, it does sync with SX Social, where you can set up a public profile, organize your schedule, manage your hotel booking, and more. Then, with the app installed, you can pull out your iPhone or Android device and see your schedule wherever you are, whether or not you remembered to bring your pocket guide. Plus, you can add new things to your schedule on the go.

And I shouldn't need to remind you, but do what you can to make sure your phone is charged up, Think how frustrated you're going to ksix metal flex iphone xr bumper case - grey be if the battery dies in the middle of the evening, just when you need it most, and there's no place to plug in, Parties If you've heard that SXSW is basically a collection of big parties, you've heard right, There's everything from the endless collection of shindigs open to all Interactive attendees--you'll get a packet listing them at registration--to the invite-only VIP events that you'll hear people muttering about and tweeting about, One way or another, you'll quickly grok that the partying starts around 5 each afternoon and doesn't end until the wee hours..

Still, RSVP for everything you get an invite to. That way, you can choose later on. But if you don't RSVP, you won't have that choice. Don't worry, it's not rude: Everyone's doing it. Bring an umbrellaI know, it's Texas in the spring. It's supposed to be sunny and warm, and you were planning on bopping around Austin in a T-shirt. The problem is that Mother Nature doesn't seem inclined to play along this year. A quick check of the weather report indicates the high probability of rain on Friday and Saturday, and possibly on Sunday.

And that's OK: It'll clear up on Monday, and Austin can be beautiful in a rainstorm, especially if you're inside, Either way, prepare for wet weather, As SXSW Interactive Director Hugh Forrest told me, the best way to keep it from raining is to make sure to bring an umbrella, FoodWithout spending too much time on this, let me just say that eating is hard at SXSW, It's not that there's not food everywhere, because there is, But who's got the time?, Still, find a way so that you don't low blood sugar right when you need your energy, There's good food all over downtown, though much of it is a couple of blocks from the convention center, You'll probably hear about the Iron Works, a decent BBQ joint just southeast of there, It's crowded at lunch, but is often the quickest place to re-energize, I also appreciate one or ksix metal flex iphone xr bumper case - grey two dinners each year at Mekong River, a good, cheap Vietnamese and Thai place a couple of blocks away, They have vegetables, Something you won't see a lot of while you're in town..

Sleep, and don't forget the time changeA lot of people approach SXSW with the "I'll sleep when I'm dead" attitude. And that's fine. Until they crash hard about midway through. At least the conference organizers are merciful and don't schedule most sessions until 11 a.m. each day. Still, I advise getting a couple of good nights of sleep during the event. Maybe one at the beginning, and one to refresh you for one last push before you leave. It's hard, because your friends will be staying out and urging you to come along. Go! But at least once, tell them, Sorry guys, I'll catch you tomorrow.

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