lovecases marble iphone 6s / 6 case - black reviews

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lovecases marble iphone 6s / 6 case - black reviews

lovecases marble iphone 6s / 6 case - black reviews

Not only do hot keys work, but from what I can tell, all the major hot keys in Windows 7 perform the same functions in Windows 8, as well as some new ones. These include Win+Print Screen to take a screenshot, which then gets automatically saved to your Photos app, or using the Windows key to switch between the Start screen and your last-used app. One of the best keyboard functions is that you can pull up an app from the Start screen just by beginning to type. It's ridiculously simple and effective: type "ma" when on the Start screen, and a list of apps with "ma" in their name appear in the center of the screen, but on the right you can flip from Apps to Settings to Files that have the same "ma" string.

Not much will happen when you first connect a mouse to Windows 8, As soon as you move the mouse, though, a scroll bar will appear along the bottom edge of the Start screen, You can then use the scroll bar to navigate through your groups, or you can use the scroll wheel for lovecases marble iphone 6s / 6 case - black reviews that--so the vertical motion is interpreted by Windows 8 as a horizontal scroll, Move the mouse to the lower-left corner to reveal your Start screen, or the upper-left corner for your most recently visited app, If you then move the mouse alongside the left edge, it will reveal your other most recently used apps..

The mouse has been enabled for apps, too. So in Internet Explorer, for example, a back navigation arrow appears on the left, and a forward nav arrow appears on the right edge. Mouse to the lower-right corner to see the navigation charms, and then mouse up along the edge to use them. Right-clicking reveals the "app edges," the app-specific options from the top and bottom screen edges, while a button denoted by a magnifying glass on the far right of the scroll bar zooms you in and out of your groups.

If you're on the lock lovecases marble iphone 6s / 6 case - black reviews screen, you click and drag it up to reveal the password dialog, It may sound like a lot that's different from the touch workflow, but it's actually quite simple, You can even use the mouse for your picture log-in, It's impressive how well Microsoft has been able to replicate the touch workflow with the mouse and keyboard, I don't think we've ever seen the two integrated quite like this before, The multiple ways to interface with the interface also will go a long way toward convincing previous Windows owners and perhaps even skeptics that Windows 8 is all that and a bag of chips, Most importantly, though, both work well with your apps..

Features From social and security to sync, Windows 8 lives on the cusp of what's expected from a modern operating system. And if it's nothing else, Windows 8 is integrated. Windows 8 is quite the social butterfly. Not only can it shmooze with the best of them, it actually may be the best. If you're looking for an integrated social experience, Windows 8 comes very close to having it all. Unlike iOS, which requires you to dive into apps as if they were buckets of specific information, Windows 8 is broad and expansive. Start screen tiles are natively integrated with your apps; it is impossible to decouple them, and I can't see a reason for why would you want to.

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