minimalist painting 01 iphone case

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minimalist painting 01 iphone case

minimalist painting 01 iphone case

At the time, AT&T's executives criticized the company for confusing consumers with misleading marketing. But within a year, AT&T, which has also upgraded its 3G HSPA network to HSPA+, also began calling its HSPA+ network 4G. AT&T did this even though the company planned to build a new next generation network using LTE. As of today, the carrier claims its network can reach up to 74 million Americans. And it's continuing to build. Even though AT&T has marketed other HSPA+ devices as 4G, when the iPhone 4S was first introduced in October, it was not marketed as a 4G device. This may have been because Apple didn't want to confuse customers for when an LTE version of the iPhone was released. Or perhaps there was pressure from Verizon Wireless, which has a version of the device that operates on its 3G EV-DO network. For whatever reason, the network notification icon on the iPhone 4S said 3G and not 4G.

As you point out in your question, last week AT&T clarified its policy on throttling or slowing down subscribers of its unlimited data plans when they exceed certain limits, And in the new plan AT&T made a distinction between 3G and 4G devices, Here is the policy as AT&T has stated it, "Customers with a 3G or 4G smartphone--who also still have our unlimited data plan--will see speeds minimalist painting 01 iphone case reduced if they use 3GB (gigabytes) of data or more in a billing cycle, Speeds will return to normal at the start of the next billing cycle, For context, less than 5 percent of smartphone customers use more than 3GB per month..

For customers with a 4G LTE smartphone--who also still have our unlimited data plan--data speeds will be reduced if usage is 5GB (gigabytes) or more in a billing cycle. Speeds will return to normal at the start of the next billing cycle."What this means is that the iPhone 4S subscribers will still be limited to 3GB when it comes to unlimited data. But customers who have a true 4G device that operates on the LTE network will get up to 5GB of data per month. So for you, it doesn't matter if you upgrade to iOS 5.1 or not, you will still be limited to 3GB of data per month as an unlimited data subscriber. After that, AT&T will slow down your service until the next billing cycle begins.

I hope I was able to answer your question, Is iOS 5.1 making my iPhone 4S faster?, Dear Maggie,I recently updated my iPhone 4S to iOS 5.1, And like many others, I noticed that my 3G marker on my phone now says "4G." I read a bit about this online, but I wanted your opinion, The sites I read said there is no speed difference with the upgraded software, Apple just changed it to better reflect the network, but I have to say, in my cube at work I used to get very shoddy reception, After the update to iOS 5.1, I have minimalist painting 01 iphone case noticed improved reception, Is it my imagination? Or was there something embedded in the iPhone 4S that wasn't revealed until now? Or is there no speed change at all?..

Thanks,Carlos. Dear Carlos,Unfortunately, as I explained in the previous question, the new 4G icon on the updated iPhone 4S is simply a marketing trick. It is meaningless when it comes to the performance of the device. The iPhone 4S still operates over AT&T's HSPA+ network as it always has. The iOS 5.1 update has not suddenly turned on any network enhancing hardware on the device. In CNET's first look at the new iOS 5.1 software, Kent German and Jason Parket note that the list of new features from the software is actually pretty short. The software update mostly consists of "bug fixes and interface tweaks." Some of those bug fixes have improved call quality, especially an issue with outgoing calls being dropped. But other than that any improvement you might be seeing is probably coincidental.

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