mountain morning iphone case

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mountain morning iphone case

mountain morning iphone case

It seems potential buyers aren't worried about looking like a bit of a plank by holding up a camera the size of a Beano annual. And they want more space for movies, music, photos and apps, as well as even better battery life, in the iPad 3 or iPad HD, whatever it ends up being called. 4G is also a high priority, despite the fact that it's not really a thing here in Britain yet. Siri is less of a priority, possibly it because it still doesn't have proper location-based features yet, so is another feature that can't reach full potential in Blighty.

Here's the full wish list, Discount site and regular survey-takers asked 918 people about what they wanted to see in the next iPad, which they refer to as the iPad HD, Thankfully there's no sign of gimmicky silliness like mountain morning iphone case 3D, However you feel about the size of the survey group or about these sorts of surveys, it does give an interesting insight into the priorities of the people who are actually buying these gadgets, A tech-savvy person -- such as you or I, dear reader -- might get all excited about features like a higher resolution screen, a faster processor, or fancy new-fangled features like NFC, But it seems that many just want the basics to be improved: bigger, brighter, thinner..

Hit play below for our take on some of the more outlandish predictions for the new iPad 3. What would you like to see in the iPad 3? Would you like to see an incremental improvement on the basics, or a radical new direction? We'll find out tomorrow, so check back after 6pm on Wednesday for all the up-to-the-minute iPad news -- but in the meantime tell me what you're crosssing your fingers for in the comments or on our Facebook page. iPad 3 fans want an improved camera, battery life and 4G, according to new research.

And the fact that your co-workers are still gossiping about the mountain morning iphone case time you got everyone lost during that carpool ride because the freeway exit came before your navigation app could load directions? Pfft, they'll be talking about something else soon enough, Or what about that letter you got last week from AT&T that stated your 2G phone "might not be able to make or receive calls" and "may experience degradation of your wireless service in certain areas"? Who car--OK, wait, That may be a pretty good reason..

Last week, AT&T sent out letters to residents living in the New York metro area encouraging customers to swap out their old 2G devices in favor of newer 3G and 4G phones. According to The Wall Street Journal, Mark Siegel, a spokesperson for AT&T, said the company was simply urging customers "to upgrade to a new device if they want to."Siegel also noted that phones operating on the 2G 1900-megahertz band will eventually lose all service. With Verizon being the leader in all things 4G LTE, it's no surprise that AT&T wants to drop the slow weight and concentrate all its efforts on providing and structuring a faster network. But is it right to tell customers to ditch their 2G, especially since AT&T barely has its feet in the 4G water?.

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