mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - olive

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mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - olive

mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - olive

Lashings of Android Gingerbread is another Fujitsu theme, but it's not pure Droid -- there are more than a few of Fujitsu's own software sprinkles on top. On the design front, the Japanese giant has a penchant for sleek, slender slabs that can be very thin indeed -- one phone it describes as ultra-thin is a skeletal 6.7mm. Screen sizes often hover around the 4.3 inch mark, although it does have some more compact 'fashionista' phones in its line-up too. The company also has some more curious junk in its trunk -- one device, made in collaboration with GlobeTrotter, has a leather-look back stamped with brass-coloured rivets to resemble an old fashioned suitcase. I suspect you can file that one under 'only in Japan'.

But by far mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - olive Fujitsu's biggest preoccupation is dunking phones in fish tanks -- to prove they are indeed truly, madly, not-too-deeply waterproof, And when it's not making phones swim with the fishes, it's dropping iron balls on their screens to show how tough they are, despite their size-zero waists, So move over Motorola, there's a new tough guy coming to town, Click through the gallery to see more of the devices Fujitsu is flaunting, and follow all the phone insanity at Mobile World Congress at, If you thought you were already spoiled for smart phone choice, prepare to do a whole lot more hm-ing and ha-ing...

This Arrows handset packs a 1.2GHz dual-core chip, WiMax high-speed data and a 13.1-megapixel camera. Oh and it's waterproof. Crivens. Here's another slabby creation from the Arrows line -- this one teams LTE with a dual-core chip and the same massive camera. This slender slab from the Arrows line includes a fingerprint sensor for security and Android 2.3. If you were wondering how thin these phones really are, here's Fujitsu's thinnest Arrows: just 6.7mm and still up for a dip with the fishes. Here's Fujitsu proving its phones have got balls of iron. If only they'd realised balls of steel would have sounded so much better.

The Optimus Vu's headline feature is that it's absolutely gigantic, I've mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - olive spent a lot of time with the Galaxy Note, a similarly massive mobile, but I still did a quick double-take when I saw the Vu for the first time, I had to look around to check I hadn't wondered into a tablet exhibit by mistake, The reason the Vu looks so massive is that it's much wider than most mobiles, This 5-inch display has an unusual 4:3 aspect ratio, meaning it's really broad, LG reckons that aspect ratio will mean the Vu is better for reading ebooks and browsing the web, I'm tempted to agree -- the wider screen would likely make cruising around websites a pleasant experience, But there's a compromise to be made..

Because it's very wide, the Vu is tough to wrap your mitts around, and at 90.4mm wide, it's so broad that I think you'll really struggle to squeeze it into your pockets, even though it's astonishingly slim at just 8.5mm deep. You might fit it in a back pocket if you're not fussed about sitting down or having a big rectangular bulge over your buttocks. A suit jacket pocket could suffice, but I think many people would need to carry a bag to accommodate this phone, which isn't ideal. So there are some practical limitations to be aware of, though the actual screen itself looks lovely. Sporting a healthy 1,024x768 pixels, everything on the Vu looked colourful and clear, which is promising.

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