olixar high power google pixel 2 xl usb-c mains charger & cable

SKU: EN-O10526

olixar high power google pixel 2 xl usb-c mains charger & cable

olixar high power google pixel 2 xl usb-c mains charger & cable

One of the T2's interesting features is doubling as a universal remote to control your home theatre set-up. There's a remote control app that you'll use to do this, and the T2 has the ability to 'learn' new remote functions. Point a remote into the top of the T2, where the infrared tech resides, press the command you'd like to save and the T2 will remember it. If you take the time to input commands from your TV, Blu-ray player or speaker system, you could use this phone to control your entire living room.

That has the potential to be very handy, but whether it's a useful feature will depend on how easy it is to input new commands, and olixar high power google pixel 2 xl usb-c mains charger & cable whether the remote control app is slick and reliable enough to act as a remote control, The T2's key hardware comprises an 8-megapixel camera and a 1.4GHz processor, while it looks like storage will be handled using a microSD card, NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are all on board too, as well as an FM radio, The good news on the software side is that the T2 is running Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, Lumigon has gone to work customising the Android interface, with home screens swinging in from the left and right when you swipe your finger..

Lumigon has gone for a minimalist look for the phone's interface, and has stuck the icon for its own TV app along the bottom of the T2's display. You'll have access to Android Market though, and the thousands of apps that await you within, which you can use to expand the mobile's usefulness, improve yourself with productivity apps, or just play Angry Birds. The Lumigon T2 is shaping up to be a well constructed phone, and the remote control functions are intriguing. I look forward to seeing whether the design and extra features hold up under review-level scrutiny. Stay tuned for updates.

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