otterly romantic - otters holding hands iphone case

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otterly romantic - otters holding hands iphone case

otterly romantic - otters holding hands iphone case

Nature is 'messy'With its founders backgrounds at leading design agencies like Stamen and frogdesign, it's no wonder that Bloom is trying to bring order to very disordered environments. As Cerveny put it, "The reality of nature is actually quite messy..[and] social networks are messy."And that's where the company's software comes into play: making quick sense of messy systems through visualizations that users can understand right away. At first glance, Biologic seems chaotic and a bit comical. But once a user groks the system, it all falls into place. And it has the appeal of a fun science experiment. "This is the perfect medium for this type of simulation," Cerveny said. "It's literally visceral. You want to touch it, squish it around, and that draws you in instantly."For now, Biologic offers pretty basic features. But over time Bloom plans to add to the fundamental toolset. Among those in the pipeline, Cerveny explained, are the ability to search for keywords--such as hashtags. The results will appear as small cells that pop out from the bubbling mass. "Multiple hashtags could collide and form together," he said, "and make a long chain if there's a lot of tweets with the same hashtag."Of course, if someone were to search for, say, the #SXSW hashtag during South by Southwest this week, the visuals might get a little crazy. But Cerveny said that's the point. "It might be going by so fast that you can't see it," he said. "But you can see the dynamics. We're interested in that dynamism."New iPad app offers an innovative way of visualizing users' social media feeds based on a biological metaphor. Bigger cells means more vital information.

There's a lot of ways to visualize your Twitter and Facebook feeds, but no one's ever otterly romantic - otters holding hands iphone case gone down to the cellular level to do so, Until now, that is, This morning, San Francisco startup Bloom released its latest iPad app, Biologic, which aims to bring an all-new metaphor to looking at the flow of information coming in from leading social networks, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

It looks really good, although it's not enough of a leap to make it worth your while upgrading from an original iPad or iPad 2 just yet. Those people would be safe skipping this generation. The other big upgrade is the camera, which is rubbish on the iPad 2. Apple is now so confident that it has cracked it on this model that it says you can use the new iPad as your main camera. I'm not convinced that will prove to be true in the end, but am prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt until I get hold of one to test for longer.

A faster chip with a quad-core graphics engine wraps the main hardware improvements up -- for more details, click the video above to play and let us know what you think of the new iPad in the comments box below or on our Facebook wall, Jason Jenkins tries out the new iPad before it goes on sale in the UK, otterly romantic - otters holding hands iphone case Click to watch the video of his experiences, The new iPad has just been announced and I had the chance to play with one before it goes in sale in just over a week, Design-wise, it's very similar to the iPad 2, but the main upgrade is the screen, Have a look at the video above to get a sense of what I thought..

Google AssistantWe've heard for a while that Google is prepping its own official answer to Apple's Siri. At one time it was rumored that Google's feature was operating under the codename of Project Majel and that it would be available in the coming months. The latest round of whispers advise that Google will release Project Majel by the fourth quarter of the year. I don't know about you, but I think that this is exactly the type of feature you'd tie into a new build of Android. Sure, we could see pieces and parts of it made available as a separate download, but Google Assistant would the sort of feature that the company show off in advertisements.

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