rabbit - colorful iphone case

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rabbit - colorful iphone case

rabbit - colorful iphone case

6:23 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: Steven Sinofsky takes the stage. "We started this project as we ended our Windows 7 project." Sinofsky is the president of Microsoft's Windows business--that's a pretty important part of the company. 6:24 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: Sinofsky says we face too many choices where we have to choose between things: consumption or productivity? functionality vs. battery life? tablet vs. phone? Leads into Microsoft's "no compromise" message the company hammered during CES. 6:25 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: Sinofsky says that all the services and software should go wherever you go on whatever product you are on. Mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets are all coming together, he says, but notes there are still seams.

6:26 to 6:28 a.m, PT: Roger Cheng: Says there is a new level of engagement with partners and ecosystem to develop Windows 8, Promises a huge array of devices, form factors, etc., but with a consistent experience, Sinofsky says there are significant changes since the developer preview software, There is a rabbit - colorful iphone case whole new level of functionality, he says, with over 100,000 code changes to Windows 8, The Consumer preview will represent a whole new product, Much more refined, he says, 6:28 a.m, PT: Seth Rosenblatt: If MS is truly significantly more engaged with hardware partners than ever before, this Windows 8 thing might just fly..

6:29 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: Windows 8 is a generational change in how Microsoft designed the product, and the function and implementation. "The last time we made a generational change was Windows 95." He says Windows 8 is made to be easy for everyone. 6:31 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: The work we've done to make it easy to use is a "super fun experience," and comes naturally to people, he says. The idea of looking at things with a glance--which it touts for Windows Phone--is coming to Windows 8 too. Sinofsky says it will scale across multiple devices, experiences, and uses. Today, he says you have to use this app or that app. You should be able to get the apps you want, that connects to the service you want. The idea of adding apps.

6:32 a.m, PT: Roger Cheng: Says Metro style design language ties together everything in Windows 8, Metro designed to scale to different devices, 6:32 a.m, PT: Scott Stein: (The interface keeps reminding me of the Xbox 360, Which makes me wonder if the Xbox rabbit - colorful iphone case 720 will be Windows 8..), 6:32 a.m, PT: Roger Cheng: Xbox 720 with Windows 8 would be pretty cool, but makes me wonder why I don't just switch to PC gaming, 6:33 to 6:35 a.m, PT: Roger Cheng: Julie Larson-Green, VP of Windows program management, and Antoine Leblond, VP of Windows Web services, introduced, Microsoft gives the first vendor partner love to Samsung, Julie up first, says she will work with a Samsung Windows 8 device, Larson-Green pulling up the Samsung tablet device, Says it's designed to be personal, Demonstrating the touch password on a photo of her husband and son..

6:39 a.m. PT: Seth Rosenblatt: It is a bit of "WebOS done right," at least when it comes to navigation. 6:40 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: Microsoft made it great for both high-end games and casual games alike. Showing off Cut the Rope. It's easy to take an HTML 5 game and turn it into a Windows app--says it took about 5 months. 6:42 to 6:43 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: Instead of alt-tab, you can use your left thumb to slide through the various open apps. Or you can slide your thumb a bit to pull up a list of open apps. You can take your finger from the top and drag it down to close the app -- that's really like WebOS and QNX! Talks about pinning people to the start screen for updates on the individuals you care about.

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