schrute farms iphone case

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schrute farms iphone case

schrute farms iphone case

The free translation app for the iPhone and iPad makes it possible for users to converse with someone in another language--no phrase book required. SmartPlanet's Sumi Das gets a demo. Foreign-language phrase books or dictionaries often only get you so far if you're a beginner trying to hold a conversation in your non-native language. But a mobile app called Vocre aims to make such a conversation "as simple as record, review, and translate," according to Andrew Lauder, founder of MyLanguage, which created the app.

Improved screen resolutionThe rumors schrute farms iphone case about the iPad 3 display are nearly unequivocal about a substantial improvement to screen resolution, In fact, the only sport left in this rumor is trying to figure out which supplier will provide the anticipated display, The resolution most often cited is QXGA, or 2,048x1,536 pixels--essentially doubling the iPad's existing resolution, The result would be an improved realism for games, videos, photos, and e-books, Better cameraThe front and rear cameras on the iPad 2 are decent, And let's remember, they're a heck of a lot better than the cameras on the original iPad, which were nonexistent..

With the camera on the iPhone 4S, it's clear that Apple considers image quality an important feature of a mobile device. With any luck, we'll see the front-facing camera bumped up to HD quality (improving FaceTime video chat quality) and a rear camera that comes closer to iPhone quality. Faster processorBoth the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S already feature Apple's A5 processor. So what's next? The A6, of course. Improved graphics, speed, and efficiency are the expected benefits of the A6. Graphics performance in particular will need a bump for the iPad 3 to handle all the extra pixels afforded by the improved screen.

Will the A6 be a quad-core chip? There's good reason to question that, especially with Apple's emphasis on battery life, Will it make the original iPad feel like molasses? Without a doubt, 4G dataWill the iPad 3 be Apple's first 4G-compatible device? It seems likely, Apple has schrute farms iphone case always offered versions of the iPad with cellular data support (priced $130 over their Wi-Fi-only siblings), With the iPad 2, Apple extended its tablet family to include iPads for both AT&T and Verizon, With both networks placing so much emphasis on their 4G data capabilities, it seems only natural that Apple would finally branch out and embrace their technology..

Now that iPhone 4S owners have exhausted the novelty of Apple's Siri voice assistant, it seems only natural for that feature to trickle down to the iPad 3. What's not changing?None of the above predictions is earth-shattering. In fact, to brace yourself for further disappointment, let's run through the inventory of what isn't likely to change. Apple's 9.7-inch screen size isn't going anywhere. Neither is its 4:3 aspect ratio. The entire app catalog is designed around these measurements and Apple clearly hasn't been suffering for it.

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