seafoam green mint navy blue abstract ocean art painting iphone case

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seafoam green mint navy blue abstract ocean art painting iphone case

seafoam green mint navy blue abstract ocean art painting iphone case

"Operators are under extreme pressures. If we are going to build the highways, there has to be a tax on the highways," Mittal said. "I'm in favor of the customer feeling that the network providers are doing a great service. I don't want him to curse me. We are charging him to make our business viable."Mobile phone users also are going to have to pay in various ways, said VimpelCom CEO Jo Lunder, who complained that operators get blamed when things go wrong but don't get credit for what they do offer.

"We have spoiled them a bit, We give things away too easily," Lunder said, "We think downloading seafoam green mint navy blue abstract ocean art painting iphone case stuff is free, sending stuff doesn't steal any resources in our network, Now the challenge is to make [consumers] understand if you want high quality, you want higher speed, you pay more, We also have to focus on how much volume are you using, You have to educate them so they're not using too much, You will see tariff plans addressing speed and volumes."Telefonica CEO Santiago Fernandez Valbuena agreed that his industry has "spoiled" customers, suggesting that it's been too generous making it possible to upgrade phones rapidly, "It may not make sense nurture the huge turnover," he said..

Governments must shoulder the burden--or face the consequences, Lunder added. "When I sit with my team in Amsterdam, operating in 19 different markets, the most [frequent] question is how do we allocate capital. Capital always will be a scarce resource. Countries that understand this reality will get investments and will get robust Internet access for their people. Entrepreneurship will grow, GDP will grow, education will improve, employment will increase."How exactly should governments cooperate? "We need spectrum, we need them to understand that hyper-short-term competition is probably not the long-term good solution for their people, and they need also to cooperate on making it possible to bring e-health and e-commerce into the market."Valbuena called for sympathy with the telcos' plight, too, in particular the difficulties of licensing wireless spectrum from governments.

"Spectrum is very much like a future tax," Valbuena said, "It''s very hard to have a business model that pays you back in 3 or seafoam green mint navy blue abstract ocean art painting iphone case 4 years, Very few businesses are like that."So what happens if mobile operators come under too much pressure? They go out of business or get acquired, leaving customers with less choice, Mittal said, Perhaps that's actually what's already happening, With the Google Fiber project, it's becoming a broadband provider in Kansas City, channeling profits from one part of its business into another, The company also was willing to bid for valuable wireless spectrum in 2007, So maybe YouTube will end up paying that network tax after all--to Google..

"Honestly, we're not doing very well in the tablet market," Hankil Yoon, product strategy executive for Samsung, told reporters, including CNET News' Roger Cheng. Ouch. So how's it going to go about remedying this? By cannibalising its own products. Seriously. Asked about whether the latest 10-inch Galaxy Note might impact on sales of the original 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab, Yoon said: "The best thing to survive in the market is to kill your products. We want to stay competitive in the market."It's certainly refreshing to hear one of these suits call it how he sees it. He went on to clarify, saying the original Galaxy Tab wasn't a success, so Samsung changed tack by introducing the Galaxy Note with a stylus for making notes and doodling.

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