shape study #14 - stackable collection iphone case

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shape study #14 - stackable collection iphone case

shape study #14 - stackable collection iphone case

More important to me is the functionality, and based on what I've seen so far of Sense 4.0 and Ice Cream Sandwich, the One V could compete successfully in the lower-priced category, whatever the price turns out to be. There's no regional release date or pricing detail just yet, but HTC did say that it's coming out after the One X and One S, which are slated for a loose time frame of "within 60 days."For a closer look, check out the photo gallery and video above. Just keep in mind that we were asked not to turn on the screen for videos and photos. Unfortunately, you'll have to take my word for it that the One V runs Ice Cream Sandwich.

I sat down with Microsoft's Aaron Woodman, director for Windows Phone, at phone-tastic trade show Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Woodman is in no hurry for Windows Phone to take over the world, acknowledging that despite being a "tooth-and-nail" fight, the smart phone scrap could last a decade -- or even "multiple decades", Windows shape study #14 - stackable collection iphone case Phone is similar to the Xbox, Woodman says, After a slow start, Xbox went through different forms to become the gaming behemoth it is today, With its endless resources, Microsoft has both the money and time to wait out the competition..

That's because Windows 8 has a dramatic new look, cribbed from Windows Phone. Windows 8 is based on the same layout of colourful, dynamic squares called live tiles. And even better, apps built for Windows 8 will cross over to Windows Phone -- an area in which WinPho lags severely behind Android and iOS. Woodman downplays the technical side of the crossover between the two systems. He revealed that a Silverlight app can already be ported from Windows 8 to a Windows Phone version -- but it wouldn't be suited to the very different experience of a phone. Woodman says making sure an app suits the phone -- which has both constraints like screen size and bonuses like an accelerometer -- is the hardest part of creating an app, not the technical side.

Woodman also told me it's "not hard" to bring an iPhone app to Windows Phone, and some app-makers simply don't want to spend the time until there are more people using Windows Phone, Microsoft offers inducements from merchandise to cash, but shape study #14 - stackable collection iphone case even cold hard Gatesbucks aren't enough to tempt some until Windows Phone grows further, Microsoft has clearly realised that if Windows Phone is going to grow, it needs to land in more people's hands, and that means cheaper phones, Microsoft sets specific requirements for the specs of phones that want to run WinPho -- and has just lowered the bar, including a lower-powered processor and less RAM than was previously required..

So what are the next steps for Windows Phone? Woodman outlines three strategies: spending on advertising to explain Windows Phone, working with phone manufacturers to bring out more enticing phones, and "working like hell to make next year the year of Windows Phone". Can Windows 8 give Windows Phone the boost it needs? Will the long game work out for Microsoft, or does the mobile phone world change too fast? Tell us what you think in the comments or on our Facebook page. Windows Phone is in a "tooth-and-nail battle" with Android and iPhone that could last a decade, according to Microsoft.

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