spooky cat iphone case

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spooky cat iphone case

spooky cat iphone case

Not satisfied with claiming rights to the world's fastest smartphone, Huawei now says it has the first 10-inch quad-core tablet, too. Chinese electronics company Huawei just made bold claims at MWC when its chairman, Richard Yu, said the Ascend D Quad is the world's fastest phone. Naming another milestone, Huawei has announced plans for the first 10-inch tablet powered by a quad-core processor. Called the MediaPad10 FHD, the slate uses a similar 1.5GHz K3 CPU Huawei expects to place in the Ascend D Quad. Another alluring attribute you'll find in the MediaPad FHD is a 10-inch IPS LCD screen with a supersharp resolution of 1,920x1,200 pixels. Dolby Surround Sound audio processing will be onboard as well, along with an 8-megapixel main camera and 1.3-megapixel front-facing shooter.

I got hands-on with the device, which is the sibling of the Nokia Asha 203, at Mobile World Congress, Read on for my first impressions, The Asha 202 has two SIM slots -- one under the removable battery, and one on the side of the device, Switching between SIMs can be done without turning the phone off, which makes it easier to spooky cat iphone case manage if you've got a different SIM on the go, The phone will also prompt you to specify which SIM to use for certain operations, Nokia says the 202 can store settings for up to five SIMs using the SIM Manager menu..

The 202 has a standard candybar form, with a shiny black plastic face. It's reasonably stylish, especially at this budget price. There's a choice of four basic handset colours -- red, white, dark grey and black -- with most choices edged in silver. Despite its metal trimmings, the 202 feels very light. It's also small enough to easily slip into all but the most miserly of pockets. Being so lightweight, it could feel cheap, but its unfussy looks help it to stay on the right side of classy. The keypad on the 202 is alphanumeric, which means it's probably not as fast to type on as a full Qwerty, unless you've developed your multi-press reflexes to ninja levels.

The spooky cat iphone case keys are generously proportioned though, so you shouldn't have to worry about mashing the wrong one too often, The 2.4-inch display is a touchscreen but it's the resistive type, rather than the capacitive variety found on most smart phones such as Nokia's high-end Lumia range, It seemed reasonably responsive during my brief hands-on, but we'll be sure to poke and prod a lot more when we get the device in for a full review, Like all of its fellow Ashas, the 202 runs Nokia's Series 40 OS so it sits squarely in the budget blower category..

Nokia has tweaked the S4 interface to fit the 202's particularly diminutive screen dimensions, so it looks slightly different to the Asha 201, which has a squarer screen. On the 202, there's an emphasis on getting to stuff quickly and easily, with minimal presses -- such as via the contacts shortcuts that can be added to the home screen and by swiping left or right to get to favourite contacts, games and apps. As with the other Ashas in the range, the 202 can be tied up to your Facebook account so you can post and view updates from the home screen with only a few key presses.

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