surfing time iphone case

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surfing time iphone case

surfing time iphone case

With no change, cities will seize up into "global gridlock" that emergency vehicles and food delivery trucks can't penetrate. "At that point, global gridlock becomes a human rights issue, not just an inconvenience," he said. With change, though, things will look very different. "We have to change the way we think of our cars," Ford said. "We tend to think of cars as independent, individual devices. Now we have to look at them the same way we look at laptops, earphones, tablets--as pieces of a much richer network."And of course, there will be self-driving cars--something Google is working hard on, speaking of Silicon Valley.

In-car networked computing systems today suggest routes around traffic, As that computer involvement becomes more active, cars will drive themselves in "platoons"--groups of vehicles linked on the highway for efficiency, "We will take increasing advantage of cars as a rolling collection of sensors," Ford said, "eliminating traffic accidents at intersections."His forecasts for mid-century transportation start sounding a bit more utopian, "Pedestrians, bicycles, cars will be woven together into a single connected network..We'll see the first vehicles able to navigate complex environments on their own," he said, "You'll be able to plot and reserve a parking space before your trip, and your car will park itself when you drop it off, maximizing parking density, Gridlock in urban centers will be reduced, Personal ownership will remain, but we'll complement it with instant sharing services, Software will plot either the most efficient or enjoyable route."To one audience member, this sounded more dystopian than utopian, especially given his worries that government regulation would be part of the reason for the changes, "Are we all going to get in the same pod and end up somewhere under computer control? How do you balance the regulatory side from the government with the freedom the automobile has generated?"Ford, though, said the freedom of the open road surfing time iphone case will be an archaic concept for urban dwellers..

"As we move forward, the world is getting ever more crowded, and in particular cities are getting ever more crowded, Ford said. "Where are those cars going to go? How can you afford them? Where can you garage them? The freedom of mobility does not necessarily equate to the freedom of ownership. We'll have freedom, but it just may not be under the same economic model we have today."Tech will be in the driver's seat, steering the auto industry into a future with coordinated networks of self-driving cars. Without it, expect "global gridlock" to paralyze cities.

BARCELONA--Bill Ford, bitten by the Silicon Valley bug, has dreams of a fast-moving Detroit at the heart of a radical overhaul of personal transportation, As the executive chairman of Ford Motor Company and great grandson of the company founder Henry Ford, he's got deep roots in a century-old industry, Ford predicts a future, though, in which computing and communications technology is no longer an accessory but instead a primary part of a car, and in which the auto industry works on the same time surfing time iphone case scales as the electronics industry..

Microsoft didn't provide more specific details about the update release schedule but said the new lower-end phones, such as the Nokia Lumia 610, will come preloaded with the software update, while current Windows Phone 7 device owners will receive the update shortly after the lower-end phones ship. (Via Laptop Magazine). Microsoft reveals a couple more details about what's coming in the Windows Phone Tango update due out this spring. In addition to lowering its minimum requirements for building Windows Phones, Microsoft announced at Mobile World Congress today that it will add support for multiple attachments to SMS messages.

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