two chairs and a napping ginger cat iphone case

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two chairs and a napping ginger cat iphone case

two chairs and a napping ginger cat iphone case

7:38 to 7:40 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: Now a demo of Windows 8 on multiple monitors. That's right up my alley! Engineered an improved toolbar that spans the multiple monitors. An NFC shout out! A demo of connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a computer via an NFC tap. That could be a Nokia thing, as Nokia has been big on offering NFC-enabled accessories like headsets and speakers. So look forward to NFC capabilities on Windows Phone..when Microsoft supports the tech. 7:38 a.m. PT: Seth Rosenblatt: The multi-mon feature in W8 is very cool. You guys are gonna dig this.

7:41 to 7:44 a.m, PT: Roger Cheng: Windows will treat all drives as one extended drive, Different speed or size drives two chairs and a napping ginger cat iphone case will all act under one pool of hard drive space, Showing off a video player app, that can stabilize a video in real time, It's an example of the power of the PC, Surprise! That computer wasn't running Windows 8, It's actually a Windows 7 PC running Windows 8 via a UBS drive, That would be the Windows to Go feature, which is pretty sweet, Windows to Go is a cool enterprise capability, Sinofsky says, But he says Microsoft will talk more about the enterprise capabilities at CeBit, Whoopie, another trade show...

7:45 to 7:48 a.m. PT: Roger Cheng: Touch PCs are on the way in all shapes and sizes, Sinofsky says. Sinofsky says touch is an "and," and not an "or." You don't have to choose between the two. "You choose the form factor, and Windows 8 will follow you," he says. Talks about how cloud services can stitch together Windows 8 with Windows Phone and Xbox Live games. 7:46 a.m. PT: Seth Rosenblatt: Windows to Go is the USB key-hosted W8 I was talking about earlier. Could be killer if they figure out a way to get it to the average consumer.

7:49 to 7:51 a.m, PT: Roger Cheng: General availability update: Windows 8 Consumer Preview today in five two chairs and a napping ginger cat iphone case languages, You'll see updates to the OS, new drivers from partners, updated preview apps, it'll be a dynamic consumer preview, Windows 8 Enterprise will be shown off at CeBIT, Says the next milestone is the release candidate, and then RTM, then general availability, No comment on timing of the release, Windows 8 caused a network hiccup, he says, Notes downloads have occurred in 70 countries, Okay, Sinofsky has wrapped up, That means we're wrapped up too, Thanks again to everyone who tuned in for our live updates..

7:52 a.m. PT: Seth Rosenblatt: MS is currently sticking to a release schedule very similar to Windows 7. No official announcement, but don't be surprised to see an RC around June, RTM around the end of July, and on new hardware in October. The original story is below. BARCELONA, Spain--Microsoft may be dumping the Consumer Electronics Show, but it still has a lot of love for Mobile World Congress. The software giant's massive presence at the world's largest mobile trade show here highlights the shifting priorities of technology companies. Microsoft could have used its final keynote address at CES last month to make a big splash with Windows 8, but instead opted to use a more mobile-focused venue.

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